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complete set combined rice mill machine of repair and maintenance
Dec 16, 2018

In the whole process of rice milling machine, the husking machine must be used to remove the husk after cleaning, which is the most important step in rice milling. Rice mill complete set of equipment operation, management, technical workers must understand the processing properties of rice, speed, line speed difference, speed ratio and speed difference rate, and then the rolling distance and roller pressure, flow and cots hardness are to control.

Regular inspection of complete equipment of rice milling machine:

1. The rice processed by the complete set of rice milling machine shall be kept at a certain degree of dryness with a general moisture content of no more than 14%&15%. When the water content of rice is too high, the grain breakage is large, which affects the quality of rice, and the consumption power also increases.

2. Pay attention to check whether there are nails, stones and other sundries in the rice, so as not to enter the whitening chamber and cause blockage or damage to the rice screen. Before starting up, check the machine parts such as rice screen, rice cutter and drum core to see whether the bolts and nuts are tightened.

3. Turn the drum before starting up to check whether there is a plug card.

4. When starting up, empty the load to the normal speed, then pour the rice into the hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice polisher at any time.

5. Check the complete set of millet equipment once a day after work, and deal with problems timely to ensure that the complete set of millet equipment is always in good condition.

Rice mill complete set of equipment for the complete set of rice processing of radical mechanical equipment miniaturized and integrated together to facilitate family to use a light small rice grinding machine, large industrial grinding metres from the traditional equipment, from the appearance, technology, operation, lunch, and so on various aspects are a breakthrough innovation, let the rice mill complete sets of equipment become gradually be public recognition, into a new type of household equipment.

In production, it is necessary to strictly implement the equipment maintenance plan, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve production efficiency. During the use of the complete set of rice milling machine equipment, "off-peak production" can be adopted. By dividing the energy utilization into different periods, the production process with high energy consumption can be put in the period with low electricity rate. Main seal, auxiliary suction, reduce and prevent dust overflow.