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De husking or de hulling of rice milling machine system
Jan 17, 2019

Rice Milling Process

De husking or de hulling

De-husking / Hulling is the process of removing the chaff (the outer husks) of rice grains. Conventional hulling machines have low shelling degree about 60 – 70%. These machine are not effective in separating paddy from brown rice and increase breakage of Rice. These conventional machines do not separate admixture of Rice and will have low Rubber Roll life. Installing pneumatic type rubber shellers, super efficient paddy separators in de husking section of your rice mill

·         Will increase the milling capacity at least by 5%

·         Less recirculation of paddy and rice, will reduce breakage of rice

·         Will enhance the rubber roll life & reduce expenses on consumables & down times

·         Will remove admixtures like oversize rice kernels & removes immature grains at brown rice stage and thus enhancing not only the quality but also the milling capacity