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Development trend of grain drying technology
Jan 29, 2019

1. Development of drying technology combining drying ventilation and drying technology. Dry air ventilation technology with hot air drying and mechanical ventilation helps to improve the capacity of hot air dryer, improve grain drying quality and reduce energy consumption. For the treatment of high moisture content, it is a storage enterprise with good storage and ventilation facilities. It is also more economical to use the dry drying technology.

2. Development of energy conservation and biomass energy utilization technologies. Improve the efficiency of food drying heat sources, and develop material energy utilization technologies.

3. The development of intelligent control technology. The control of grain dryer will be developed from simple logic control to intelligent control; the grain dry hot air temperature will be automatically set according to the grain use, and the dry grain quantity, moisture and other operation data will be collected automatically or semi-automatically through the local area network to the grain enterprise. In the information system, remote measurement and control can be realized.