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Introduction of hammer mill
Jan 23, 2019

The ingredients that may be present in the feed processing process need some form of treatment to complete. These feed ingredients include Rough cereals, reducing the size of the corn as required can improve the performance and nutritional value of the raw material. There are many different ways to reduce the particle size of feed particles. Here we mainly introduce the hammer mill, which is described as follows:

The hammer mill can process round feeds that meet the requirements, but to select the other machine to meet the same required feed size, you need to choose the right processing method before reprocessing. Excessive reduction in feed particle size will waste electrical energy, cause unnecessary wear of mechanical equipment, and digestive problems in livestock.

Hammer mill


- a wide range of feed sizes that can be produced

- Can be used to process brittle materials and fibers

-easy to use

- its early investment is low relative to the roller mill

- little maintenance required

- its crushed feed particles are generally round and smooth


- it is less efficient than a roller pulverizer

- generate heat (energy loss)

- uneven particle size (large difference)

- Easy to produce noise and dust, pollute the environment