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Note Items for Rice Mills
Jun 22, 2018

Note Items for Rice Mills

1, brown rice into the hopper before, should check for metal and stones, so as not to damage the grinding wheel.

2, grind the white finish should pull out the front rotation block, will the residue grind white indoor rice sugar to clean up, lest affect the accuracy of the specimen.

3, grinding precision to be determined by the varieties of brown rice to determine the number of samples and milling white time, low precision sample number of 17-18g appropriate, slightly shorter milling time, high-precision sample quantity 20g suitable, grind white time slightly longer. 4, when the machine used long and high moisture content of brown rice, rice bran bonded grinding wheel to affect the white degree, can be removed from the hands of the hand wheel, with steel wire brush to the bran powder, as is installed back can continue to use.