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Prospect of complete set combined rice mill machine
Feb 01, 2019

Modern food cultivation scale, a large number of rural population came to the city, the rural people farming less and less, more and more planting work has been a variety of mechanized planting machinery. Harvesting machinery, plant protection machinery instead, land is also more and more large plantation, enterprises contract, so the past small rice milling machine has been unable to meet these large plantation, which naturally requires large sets of equipment to meet the huge processing needs. Rice now has the development of brand, in the past the rice is bulk, from the grain shop to buy a few pounds of bulk rice, but now the rice began to brand, the need for large-scale processing of rice, the need for a large number of automated rice milling machine complete sets of equipment. Small rice milling machine will be gradually eliminated in the future, because after all, individual processing is cumbersome, the production efficiency of small rice milling machine can not meet the production demand, the degree of automation is low, also need a large area, do not meet the needs of modern food processing. Rice mill equipment has yet to be promoted, such as automatic degree can also be promoted, for example on dust control in rice milling will also be able to do more good, rice mill complete sets of equipment not only sell very well in the domestic market, in the international such as South America, southeast Asia market prospect, and also is very good, these local food processing or low degree of automation, need more complete set of food processing equipment.