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rice whitener of debugging and use
Jan 25, 2019

In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and ensure the normal processing process, please carefully read the notes for operation and maintenance:

1. The rotation direction of the spindle motor must be in line with the specified direction of the whitening chamber screw feed, that is, clockwise rotation of the belt pulley facing the rack.

2. As the fastener may become loose and other abnormalities may occur in long-distance transportation, the equipment must be thoroughly checked before starting and the gate shall be completely closed. Check whether there are any materials affecting the starting of the equipment or foreign matters affecting the operation of the equipment (the equipment is tested without load before leaving the factory, generally there will be no such phenomenon), it is best to move the transmission wheel by hand, there should be no stuck phenomenon, if there should be timely elimination.

3. After starting the machine, open the gate until the equipment is running normally when it is empty, and when the flow and accuracy are adjusted, close the frame and turn up the air plate. Note that the power load should not be overloaded (observe the ammeter on the control cabinet);The weight of the weight on the pressure door should be adjusted according to the requirements of raw materials and required accuracy.

4. The inlet end of the rice screen plate is worn quickly, which can be used in reverse positions. After the diameter of the sand roller is gradually worn down, the rice screen pressing strip can be thickened or the sand roller can be changed.

5. Screw propeller, sand roller, feed bush, rice screen and rice screen batten should be replaced when the wear affects the output and accuracy.

6. When the equipment is in operation, do not touch the rotating part with hands. Before maintenance, cleaning and repair, the power must be cut off and the equipment must be put up for sale.

7. In the process of air mesh suction, when the negative pressure in the rack is too large, the rack can be adjusted to raise the air plate to provide an appropriate air volume of bran suction.