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Roller mill introduction
Jan 26, 2019

The roller pulverizer achieves material pulverization by combining force and machine characteristics. If the rollers are the same

When the speed is rotated, the force used for the crushing is mainly the pressure. If the rollers are pulverized at different speeds, the main forces are shear stress and compressive stress. If the grooved roller will tear or pulverize the material, the groove width of the roller pulverizer is smaller than that of the fine groove pulverizer. The well-designed roller pulverizer has low noise, low pollution and convenient maintenance. The roller pulverizer operates at a lower speed and is less prone to heat generation and has less moisture loss in the material. The pulverized particles are almost the same size, which means that the material particles are very uniform. The irregular shape of the particles is mostly a cuboid or a cube rather than a circle. The adhesion of small-sized particles to the roller in the roller mill is 5% to 15% lower than that of the hammer mill.

Roller pulverizer



- uniform particle size

- low noise, low pollution


- hardly used to crush fiber plants

- the shape of the pulverized particles is irregular

- Early investment may be high (depending on system design)

- high maintenance costs if necessary