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Rules for rice whitener maintenance, transportation and storage
Feb 08, 2019

1. The bearing shall be inspected after the operation of the equipment for about a month, and lubricating oil (grease) shall be added in time to ensure or improve the service life of the bearing.

2. Screw head, rice screen, sand roller, rice screen bar belong to vulnerable parts, according to the wear situation to replace regularly.

3. In the process of rice processing, feed hopper, feed hopper seat, feed bush, rice screen, rice mouth, etc. There will be rice bran crust (especially when processing high moisture grain), these bran crust will affect the rice machine output and rice processing accuracy, should be removed in time.

4. If due to improper operation of the phenomenon of stitching, should be promptly cut off the power supply, at the same time to close the front equipment, the use of disassembly tools to remove the rice screen bracket and rice screen, completely remove the screw head, sand roller, feed bushing, rice screen blocked inside the rice, manual transmission wheel, flexible operation.

5. After each shift of rice processing, should go empty ground white indoor rice, rice bran.

6. If the equipment is not used in a short time, the white room and chaff bucket should be cleaned to prevent mildew. When used again, the transmission parts should be lubricated, and the working parts should be cleaned or replaced by rust removal.