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Sand roller rice mill--the supporting equipment in the technological process of rice mill
Jan 18, 2019

Primary structure:

The sand rice polisher consists of four parts: feeding device, whitening chamber, frame and clearing cool rice device.

Feeding device: consists of feed hopper, into the hopper door, flow control, insert gear drive mechanism, such as parts, hopper fixed on the rack feeding port.

In white room: the sand roller, shaft, screw head, feed end bearing, discharge end bearing, rice sieve, sieve layering and other parts.

Frame: is mainly composed of frame, raise the wind plate, a side door, set of chaff, housings and shield.

Clean cool m device: chaff by winnowing housings, suction pipe, pressure of the door.

Working principle and process flow:

Works: brown rice by the feed hopper after white flow regulating mechanism into the grinding chamber, sand is sand screw head to roll along the spiral forward roll surface, according to a certain line speed rotating sharp sand, emery sand roller surface grinding cut rice cortex, and makes the grain of rice and grain of rice, rice and rice sieve mutual friction, the rough grinding and white, at the same time, the spindle two-way the chaff with powerful suction wind wind nets, grinding force from rice chaff powder and white room and mesh. In addition, a cool rice cleaning device is arranged at the discharge port to further reduce the temperature of rice and conduct secondary cleaning of finished materials.

Flow: Brown riceFeeding hopperWhitening chamberCleaning cool rice device Down rice machine→Chaff rotary mixture