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Technical characteristics of rice milling machinery manufacturing industry in China.
Jun 22, 2018

Technical characteristics of rice milling machinery manufacturing industry in China.

(1) Diverse equipment combinations, complex technology application The single machine of rice milling machine includes conveying, cleaning, dust removal, Hull Valley, milling, screening, color selection, packaging, control and storage equipment, and various equipment combinations.

Its research and development, production, installation and commissioning of the technology involved in the application of rice milling technology, bulk mechanics, materials, three-dimensional solid modeling, analog assembly, interference testing, photoelectric conversion, analog and digital conversion, automation control, software programming, CNC and laser processing, and many other technologies, technical application of complex.

(2) Customer personalized demand is more abundant Many varieties of rice, different quality, processing performance requirements, the requirements of equipment processing technology configuration with the change, the production of rice regions, different scale of operation, the requirements of equipment processing capacity of different sizes, finished rice grade requirements, the different cost of human resources, the requirements of the equipment configuration process and the degree of automation has a difference. In order to meet the personalized requirements of customers, each set of rice milling equipment needs a separate design and development, design combined with the user's rice varieties, the provision of equipment selection, processing technology trinity of the system technology integration solutions, so as to achieve the production and application of the goal.