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the rice color sorter machine
Feb 14, 2019

what is the difference of black rice color sorter machine and RGB rice color sorter machine ?

The black and white restores the black and white gray level difference of the material, and the color restores the RGB color of the material. The basic principles of the two are the same. The materials are compared with the set parameter values, and the color selection system will judge whether to blow away or retain. .

The image capture of black and white, the amount of data analyzed and processed is relatively small compared to the color system, the color system needs to process RGB three colors, the amount of data is large, and the requirements for hardware systems and software system algorithms are higher.

In general, the technical difficulty of color systems is higher than that of black and white.

At present, the concept of color is more advanced than black and white (the future is unknowable); black and white has the advantage of black and white, color has the advantage of color, or depends on the material to determine.