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The significance of developing grain drying machinery
Jan 28, 2019

1. The development of dryers can solve the problem of bumper harvests in agriculture and avoid the harvest due to seasonal climate, ensuring sustainable and stable development of food production.

2. Developing the mechanization of grain drying is the need to realize agricultural modernization. According to the agricultural and rural economic development goals, food drying is a part of Chinese medicine that is not involved in grain storage, sowing, harvesting, drying, etc., and is the last work link with large workload, short operation time and high operational requirements. It is of great significance to realize mechanization of grain drying.

3. Development of grain dryers can protect cultivated land. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the apprenticeship, the combine harvester has been rapidly popularized, greatly improving the harvesting efficiency and shortening the harvesting season. The original drying area is no longer sufficient. If the grain dryer is not built, large grain growers will have to occupy valuable cultivated land to build a concentrated drying field, which will result in waste of land resources.