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Analysis And Comparison Of Vertical And Horizontal Rice Mills.
Jun 22, 2018

Analysis and comparison of vertical and horizontal rice mills. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Iron roller mill was horizontal and the mortar was vertical. After the development of Satake in Japan, the horizontal sand roller rice milling machine and the wind-blown iron roll rice mill, forming a variety of combination forms of products, occupy the world's 80% of the market of the mill equipment; the obta10ab vertical cylindrical sand roller mill was developed in the early 90 's. 

      Swiss Buller (has merged Germany Miag) has been the development of vertical rice mills, from the mortar into the current DSRD vertical cylindrical sand roller mill. China in the 60 's to promote horizontal sand roll rice Mill, conducted a large number of experimental work and large-scale optimization of experimental improvement work, one machine grind superscript two, standard one, special two meters of brown rice out of white rice rate, under the same conditions compared to the test, compared to the Japanese 30-5a type horizontal sand roller mill 1%-2% high. 1995-1996, the establishment of cylindrical sand roller milling machine, the conditions for the results of the process is different, comparable to poor, and the original horizontal sand roll rice mill can only be comparable.