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China's Small Rice-milling Products Have Serious Safety Problems.
Jun 22, 2018

China's small rice-milling products have serious safety problems.

      The safety inspection of the rice Mills includes: whether the dangerous parts have reliable protective devices, whether the dangerous parts have the safety warning signs in accordance with the national standard GB10396, the use manual has the detailed safety notice to prompt the user to use the machine safely. The adjustment found that there are more safety risks in using rice mills. In 30 dedicated users surveyed, there are 28 of product safety protection problems, of which there is no installation of protective devices at the factory 7 households, in the course of the use of the protection device was removed 21 households, respectively, accounted for the total number of 23.3% and 70%; In the use of rice mill no safety signs or safety signs blurred,

      Less than the security warning role of users have 29 households, accounting for 96.7% of the total survey. When the Rice mill is working, the speed can reach above 1000r/min, therefore, the reliable safety protection device and the eye-catching safety warning sign are very important. In the survey learned that most of the rice mills are equipped with safety protection devices and safety signs, but because the quality of safety signs do not pass, many safety signs in the use of the process of fading, fuzzy or even fall off, can not play a role in security warning. But the user uses the process specially for the maintenance convenience often says the safety protective device to remove. These are the main causes of safety problems in the use of rice mills.