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Disadvantages Of Vertical Rice Mill
Jun 22, 2018

Disadvantages of vertical Rice mill 

1. Maintain smooth operation of high requirements.

Rice mill in the manufacture and installation, must maintain the roller white roller axis perpendicular, a slight error, even if the full balance of the roller, the center of gravity also deviated from the plumbline to produce unbalanced force;

2. Bearings bearing axial and radial combination of two-way force, on the bearing performance, manufacturing and assembly quality requirements; 

3. Unit output volume, machine weight is larger.

Using gravity as axial driving force is limited, Mire axial flow speed is small, and in the same machine with horizontal rice mill, it is necessary to enlarge the diameter of roller white roll to increase the annular section area, and the volume and weight of the rice mill increase.

4. It is inconvenient to disassemble the sand roll in the vertical direction of the rice mill, time-consuming and laborious;

5. Soft rice knife wear faster, more quantity, increase maintenance costs; 6. Two roller white roll on a rice mill on the same shaft or the combination of different axes is not very reasonable.