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Main Factors Affecting The Working Of Stone-going Machine
Jun 22, 2018

Main factors affecting the working of stone-going machine

 1. Dip: The angle between the stone sieve surface and the horizontal plane becomes inclination. The size of dip has an effect on the output and the efficiency of the stone-going machine, and the influence on the two is contradictory. When the inclination is larger, the Machui of the slide is strong. But the trend efficiency will be reduced, when the dip is small, the wheat flow rate is low and the yield is small. At the same time the stone easy to bring wheat, so that the feet contain more food.The inclination of the stone-going machine is generally 5-9. 

2. Throwing angle: The angle of the sieve body is the angle between the vibrating direction and the screen surface. Stone Machine sieve vibration in the form of reciprocating linear vibration, the direction of vibration is tilted, and the axis of the vibration motor perpendicular to the vibration of the stone machine is different from the vibrating screen, can not be arbitrarily changed, which is closely adjacent to the screen side of the stone can along the screen surface of the basic conditions. Therefore, choosing the right angle is advantageous to the automatic grading of the material and the upward side of the stone. But when the angle is too large, the material is easy to jump away from the screen surface, but unfavorable to the upward side of the stone, the cast angle of the stone machine is generally 30-35. 

3. Amplitude and Vibration frequency: amplitude refers to the vibration amplitude of the sieve body, vibration frequency makes the sieve body vibration speed of a working parameter. Large amplitude, high frequency, the material on the screen surface movement faster, automatic grading effect is stronger. is advantageous to the separation efficiency and the equipment output enhancement. But the amplitude is too large, the frequency is too high, the face vibration is intense, the material is easy to produce beat, destroy the automatic grading of the material. Thus the separation efficiency is reduced. On the contrary, the material on the screen surface movement is slow, the material layer thickening, also is not conducive to the automatic grading of materials. Not only affects the separation efficiency, but also affects the output of the stone-going machine. The amplitude of the stone-going machine is generally 3.5-5mm. The frequency of the stone-driving machine driven by the vibrating motor is generally not tuned, and the frequency of the eccentric rotating stone machine is positively correlated with its rotational speed.