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Research And Development Of Horizontal Rice Mill.
Jun 22, 2018

Research and development of horizontal rice mill. 

The use of horizontal rice mill in China has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge.

Stereotypes of the 89-type rice mill production and use of a large number of years, by a variety of data comparisons, 89-type rice mills than vertical milling machine out of a higher rate, more broken, the unit output volume, the smaller the weight, the lower the cost, continuing research and development is suitable for the national conditions.


1. Reasonable increase in the unit production of White movement area & to reduce broken rice;

2. Sand Roller diameter series than the selected Standard to improve a gear, can reduce the centrifugal acceleration of rice, reduce impact;

3. Sand Roller Series, the use of new technology to maintain the spiral groove of rice synthesis line speed, roll well, the advantages of uniform transport; 4. The use of rubber or plastic rice knife, up and down one, adjustable.