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The Advantages Of Horizontal Rice Mill
Jun 22, 2018

The advantages of horizontal rice mill 

1.Smooth operation. Bearing is only subjected to radial force, unbalance force produces the bearing stress and the whole machine torque is small. Horizontal installation of roller white roller for the manufacture, assembly requirements are not high, the corresponding structural components of the technical requirements of the general; 

2.Unit output volume and machine weight is small. Due to the larger axial impetus, the rice grain flow rate is large, in the same with the vertical milling machine material flow, the roller white roller diameter and the annular area of the roller white chamber are smaller, the overall size and light weight, combined with low manufacturing technology requirements, less cost; 

3.It is convenient to disassemble the sand roll in the horizontal direction of the rice mill and save time and effort; 

4.High rice yield, spiral groove so that the whole length of the roller white rice fluid density is more uniform, roll movement good, the grain of rice on each part by the degree of uniformity of the grinding;

5.Two roller white roller in a rice mill with the shaft or the combination of different axes is very convenient and reasonable.

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