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Complete Rice Milling Machine 1000kg Per Hour

Complete Rice Milling Machine 1000kg Per Hour
The rice mill machine is combined and automatic . You can put the paddy into the machine , get the white rice out . It is very convenient and fast . Compare with the rice mill machine , the cost is very favorable .
Product Details:
  1. The rice mill machine is 1000kg per hour .

  2. It is completed . It have destone - per-clean- rice husk- rice mill-rice grade .

  3. If you can keep the stable input voltage , 12-15% moisture of paddy ,it can works in the best .It is very suitable for the small rice mill factory or farm  .

  4. We can base on your factory area, production scale to provide a complete set of design and installation program. According to the design program equipped with the right machine and provide installation, operation training.

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