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Paddy Separator

  • Rice Paddy Separator
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    Rice Paddy Separator

    Rice paddy separator Grain can occupy a large proportion of our life. Manufacturers in the rice industry have also increased their investment in Paddy Separator Machine. It is against this background that we provide manufacturers with the latest type of rice processing equipment. This device can...
  • Paddy Separator Machine
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    Paddy Separator Machine

    Paddy separator machine It is mainly used to separate coarse rice mixture into pure coarse rice that has strong adaptabilities to raw materials featuring serious varietal complexity. It features superiorities of high purity, high output, simple operation and stable operation etc. Due to...
  • Paddy Separator Machinery
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    Paddy Separator Machinery

    Paddy separator machinery MGCZ100 series of gravity husked rice separator uses the physical differences between rice and brown rice proportion, particle size, coefficient of friction and other aspects, under the action of a reciprocating rocking separator plate,gradually produce automatic...
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