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Recirculating G Grain Dryer

  • Paddy Maize Recirculating Dryer
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    Paddy Maize Recirculating Dryer

    Products 1:Multi-functional design which is applied to paddy, wheat, corn, peanut bean, soybean, rapeseed, broom corn and other. 2:Mandatory dispersion device and quantitative cycle feeding for the positive & reverse discharging wheel, high drying efficiency and evenly. 3:Low temperature...
  • New Commercial Modern Energy-saving Paddy Dryer
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    New Commercial Modern Energy-saving Paddy Dryer

    1.It can dry many kinds of food. 2.stable performance, convenient operation. 3. Waste heat recycling, reduce energy consumpt
  • Batch Type Recirculating Grain Dryer
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    Batch Type Recirculating Grain Dryer

    Batch type recirculating grain dryer Lead industry development with new 7 scientific designs Noise Controlling Design Cord wood system design of drying cabinet Constant volume cycle design of grain releasing Intelligent control system design Ash control design Angle pipe design of drying cabinet...
  • Recirculating Grain Maize Dryer
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    Recirculating Grain Maize Dryer

    Feature: The drying process is scientific and reasonable, and effect is the best; By a low-temperature drying and natural cooling tempering drying method(drying→ tempering→drying→ tempering), short heating time and long tempering time , effectively protect grain quality. Grain temperature does...
  • Grain Recirculating Drying Systems
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    Grain Recirculating Drying Systems

    Introduce: The user can choose the suitable rice husk furnace and cooperate 4-8 drying machine according to the drying quantity Grain recirculating drying systems advantages Low cost, high efficiency and energy saving; Rice husk is a free energy source, and the cost of drying is only 1/4-1/6,...
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