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New Commercial Modern Energy-saving Paddy Dryer

New Commercial Modern Energy-saving Paddy Dryer
1.It can dry many kinds of food. 2.stable performance, convenient operation. 3. Waste heat recycling, reduce energy consumpt
Product Details:

New commercial modern energy-saving paddy dryer





1. It is suitable for rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, rapeseed and other granular food and cash crops of low temperature air dry.


2. It is combined by feeding equipment, bucket transport machine, boring box, dust catcher, efficient hot-blast stove, blower, automatic ignition ,automatic moisture meter, temperature control device and electrical control system, etc.


3. The complete set equipment choose batch circulation boring, direct type hot air drying, dry and low temperature air dry principle. Use low temperature to provide even and speedy drying.


4. Big combustion burner, stainless combustion chamber, high efficiency air fan, all open drying bins.


Main specification:

projects photos for reference: 


If you need this kind machine, please feel free to contact us,  we can make the design according to your need. 




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