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Rice Grader

  • White Rice Grader Machine
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    White Rice Grader Machine

    White rice grader machine MMJP series White rice grader machine is mainly used for white rice grading in rice processing plants. It uses the difference in the size of rice particles, through the continuous screening of different diameter eye-hole sieves, to separate out the whole rice, general...
  • White Rice Grader
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    White Rice Grader

    Brief Introduction: MJP series polished rice rotary sieve classifier can sort final white rice into first grade complete rice, second grade complete rice, big broken rice and small broken rice, etc. This rice grader/separator/sorting machine mainly adopts the differences between broken rice and...
  • White Rice Grader Machinery
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    White Rice Grader Machinery

    White rice grader machinery MMJP series white rice grader machinery uses the difference between broken rice and complete rice and makes them take overlapping and revolving motion on plan revolving sieve and friction pushing and form automatic grading . Being adapted two to three times complete...
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