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30 Tons Per Days Combined Rice Mill Machine

30 Tons Per Days Combined Rice Mill Machine
6LN-20/16 combined rice mill combined by destoner, huller, paddy separator, rice whitener and broken rice sifter.
Product Details:

6LN-20/16 Combined Rice Mill Machine main combined parts: TF32A Centrifugal suction fan,TQLQ56 Suction Stoning Machine,Single Elevating Conveyor, LG20 Rubber-Roller Husker,Double Elevating Conveyor,MGCZ70×7 Gravity Paddy Separator,MNMF16 Jet-air Emery Roll Rice Mill,the equipment has compact structure,easy to use,convenient maintenance,large output,high milling precision and so on,is an ideal equipment suitable for farms,towns,grain house or rice processing specialized households for rice processing,and can supply follow up equipment according to user demand, improve the processing precision further.




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