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Rice Mill Machinery Price

Rice Mill Machinery Price
We are the manufacture of rice milling machine
Product Details:

We can base on your factory area, production scale to provide a complete set of design and installation program. According to the design program equipped with the right machine and provide installation, operation training.

Our rice milling equipment provides higher yields, less brokens, better taste and presentation, lower operating costs and most importantly higher profitability for the miller. 

1.The CTNM15D  rice mill Machine includes: Single elevator ,Combined paddy cleaner and De-stoner ,Aspirator stoner,Husker and husker fan,Double elevator ,Gravirty paddy Separator ,High power suction type emery roller rice mill (Rice Whitener) and small rice grader .

2.The rice milling equipment  has such advantages of Compact structure,easy operation,convenient Maintenance,large production and high rice precision .

3.If you can keep the stable input voltage , 12-15% moisture of paddy , it can works continuous 24 hours . So the biggest output can be 24T / day .

4.CTNM15D is a  new type automatic rice mill machine for processing rice in farmlands,towns,grain shop and specialized households, and the rice mill machine can improve milling precision of rice according to the demands of users by adding some follow-up equipment.

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This is Emily from hubei xianliang Machinery Company.

We are the manufacture of rice milling machine, rice milling plant, rice dryer machine and related machine.

If you need these machines, just send your requirements to us. We will send the best solution to you in soon.

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